MyUNISA Mylife

In this blog post, Courses24 will guide you through all that you need to know about MyUNISA Mylife. Students to use their myLife e-mail accounts to communicate with the university.

MyUNISA Mylife is used to assist Unisa to safeguard your personal information, please ensure that you use your myLife e-mail account when communicating with the university.

Every registered Unisa student receives a free myLife e-mail account for life.

Why should I use my myLife e-mail account? 

  • By using your myLife e-mail account, the university has a reasonable assurance that we are communicating with you, as your e-mail address contains your student number and you use your login credentials to access the account.
  • Unisa will send all official communication (eg your exam timetable and results) to this e-mail account, which means that it’s very easy to find information when you need it.
  • You can access your myLife e-mail account from any network and from anywhere in the world. You just need internet access.

Unisa will communicate with you only via your myLife e-mail account

Unisa may only communicate with a student using a private e-mail address under the following circumstances:

  • New applicants who are enquiring about information for the purpose of applying for admission.
  • New applicants who do not yet have a myLife e-mail account, because they have been admitted but not yet registered.
  • Where a student requires assistance in resolving myLife e-mail account access problems.

Please be aware that any personal information you publish on public platforms, such as social media platforms and WhatsApp groups, is not covered by the provisions of Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013. Any personal information published in the public domain is not considered private and can, therefore be accessed by external parties with access to such platforms.

How to activate your myLife e-mail account

You must claim your myUnisa account, if you haven’t already done so. Go to the myUnisa website and click on “Claim Unisa login”. Follow the steps carefully.

Please note the following:

  • You must activate your myUnisa account before you can use your myLife e-mail.
  • It may take up to 24 hours for your myLife e-mail account to be created. Once your myLife e-mail account has been created, click on the myLife e-mail button on the homepage of myUnisa. Log in with your full myLife e-mail address and your myUnisa password.
  • Your myLife e-mail account is the only e-mail account recognised by Unisa for official correspondence to and from the university.