Monash university Learnership

Monash university Learnership is a work-based learning programme. This means that classroom studies at a college or training centre are combined with practical on-the-job experience.

We learn much better when we can practice what we have been taught in the classroom in a workplace environment. we will sheh more light about this as we proceed. but let’s first see how to Apply for the Monash South Africa Lernerships 2022-2023

Applying for Monash South Africa Learnerships 2022-2023 is as simple as ABC… all you need do is to login to the Monash South Africa Official Website… or (Monash South Africa Student Portal), then navigate to Learnerships on the top menu, follow the on screen guide for full Application.

Bonus Information-All you should know about Learnerships in South Africa.

South Africa has a very high unemployment rate, yet at the same time it has a shortage of qualified people to fill the many vacancies in various fields. In an effort to address both of these problems, the government looked for practical ways to educate the population and organise training systems for school leavers and unemployed adults. from, The introduction of learnerships has gone a long way towards achieving this.