Monash university Bursaries

All offers are subject to scholarship terms and conditions and require you to meet eligibility criteria and enrol in a relevant course at a Monash University campus in Australia.


PendingOffers have yet to be made for this scholarship
In progressOffers have begun but are not yet completed
OfferedOffers have been completed and no further offers will be made
Scholarship NameStatus
Accounting Honours ScholarshipOFFERED
Accounting Work Integrated Learning ScholarshipPENDING
Achieving Potential Access ScholarshipPENDING
Achieving Potential Scholarship  for DistinctionIN PROGRESS
Achieving Potential Support ScholarshipIN PROGRESS
Alan Pryde Study GrantPENDING
Alex Raydon Scholarship For Refugee or Migrant Students PENDING
Alfred Research Alliance Honours ScholarshipPENDING
Alistair Lloyd Excellence and Leadership ScholarshipIN PROGRESS
Alter Family Foundation ScholarshipPENDING
Anna Chmiel Clarinet ScholarshipPENDING
Anton  Herman Memorial ScholarshipOFFERED
Arts Disadvantaged Student Study Assistance ScholarshipPENDING
Austin Education Achieving Potential ScholarshipPENDING
Bachelor of International Business Diploma Pathway ScholarshipPENDING
Bachelor of International Business Foundation Year ScholarshipPENDING
Betty Amsden AO Mentor Leaders ScholarshipOFFERED
Biomedicine Discovery ScholarshipIN PROGRESS
Biomedicine International Articulation ScholarshipPENDING
Biomedicine International Discovery ScholarshipPENDING
BMYG Postgraduate ScholarshipPENDING
BMYG Undergraduate ScholarshipPENDING
Brian Norton Community Leadership ScholarshipOFFERED
Broadspectrum Scholarship for Women in EngineeringPENDING
Broadspectrum Scholarship for Women in ITIN PROGRESS
Climate Science Honours ScholarshipPENDING
Clive Weeks Leadership ScholarshipPENDING
Cochrane ScholarshipOFFERED
Colin and Eleanor Bourke Indigenous Postgraduate ScholarshipNot Awarded in 2021
Commonwealth Indigenous Access ScholarshipPENDING
Commonwealth Indigenous Relocation ScholarshipIN PROGRESS
Commonwealth Indigenous Support ScholarshipIN PROGRESS
Dal Sasso Family ScholarshipNot Awarded in 2021
Department of Economics Honours Merit ScholarshipIN PROGRESS
DEPM Prostate Cancer Research ScholarshipPENDING
Dodson Indigenous Juris Doctor ScholarshipOFFERED
Donovan-Johnston Memorial Scholarship – LawNot awarded in 2021
Donovan-Johnston Memorial Scholarship – MedicineNot awarded in 2021
Dr Gilbert M Davis GrantPENDING
Dr Herbert Gibson Rural Health ScholarshipIN PROGRESS
Dr Paul Baker GrantPENDING
Econometrics Honours Memorial ScholarshipOFFERED
Engineering Excellence ScholarshipIN PROGRESS
Engineering Indigenous Scholarship for EquityPENDING
Engineering International Undergraduate Excellence ScholarshipOFFERED
Engineering Masters Pathway ScholarshipIN PROGRESS
Eric Dubsky Memorial ScholarshipPENDING
Faculty of Arts Honours Merit ScholarshipPENDING
Faculty of Education Indigenous ScholarshipIN PROGRESS
Faculty of Information Technology Postgraduate Scholarship IN PROGRESS
Faculty of Law International Asia ScholarshipOFFERED
Faculty of Law Masters International ScholarshipOFFERED
Faculty of Law Robert French Equity ScholarshipIN PROGRESS
Faculty of Pharmacy And Pharmaceutical Sciences Beaumont ScholarshipPENDING
Female Leaders Alumni Monash Engineering Scholarship (Flames)Not Awarded in 2021
Finance Honours ScholarshipPENDING
Freemason Foundation Victoria Music ScholarshipPENDING
Geoff Bentley Pharmacology GrantPENDING
Geoffrey Whitelaw Jazz Brass ScholarshipPENDING
GHD Engineering Leadership ScholarshipPENDING
Gippsland Education Trust GrantNot awarded in 2021
Give for Good Leadership ScholarshipIN PROGRESS
Gordon Preston Pure Mathematics Honours ScholarshipPENDING
Harold Carroll Memorial ScholarshipOFFERED
Homer Le Grand Student Assistance ScholarshipPENDING
Hong Kong Alumni ScholarshipPENDING
Hope ScholarshipIN PROGRESS
Ian Little Honours ScholarshipPENDING
Ian Urquhart ScholarshipNot awarded in 2021
Indigenous Science Research GrantPENDING
Information Technology Excellence ScholarshipIN PROGRESS
Information Technology IBL Placement ScholarshipPENDING
Information Technology Indigenous Merit ScholarshipIN PROGRESS
Information Technology Indigenous Study Support ScholarshipPENDING
Information Technology Industry-Based Learning Placement ScholarshipsPENDING
Information Technology Postgraduate ScholarshipPENDING
IT Indigenous Merit ScholarshipPENDING
IT Indigenous Study Support ScholarshipPENDING
Jane McAloon ScholarshipIN PROGRESS
John Swan Chemistry Honours ScholarshipPENDING
June Howqua GrantPENDING
K.C. Kuok ScholarshipIN PROGRESS
Kath Byer Indigenous ScholarshipIN PROGRESS
Killen Family Indigenous Australian ScholarshipNot awarded in 2021
Leonie Thompson and Arnold Bloch Leibler Medicine ScholarshipNot Awarded in 2021
Leonie Thompson, Ray Finkelstein and Arnold Bloch Leibler Law ScholarshipNot Awarded in 2021
Lorna Lippmann Memorial ScholarshipPENDING
Margaret & John Crutch Indigenous Midwifery ScholarshipPENDING
Mabel Kent GrantPENDING
Mabel Kent ScholarshipPENDING
Mallee Division of General Practice ScholarshipOFFERED
Menon Dahl ScholarshipIN PROGRESS
Maria Athanassenas Honours ScholarshipPENDING
Master of Financial Mathematics ScholarshipPENDING
Master of Professional Engineering International ScholarshipIN  PROGRESS
Max & Riva Radunski Scholarship for Refugee or Migrants IN PROGRESS
Medical Science Honours ScholarshipPENDING
Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences Indigenous Accommodation ScholarshipPENDING
Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Scholars GrantPENDING
Michael Keith Halprin ScholarshipPENDING
Microbiology In Water Engineering ScholarshipPENDING
Mitsubishi Australia Endeavour ScholarshipPENDING
Monash Academy of Performing Arts Orchestral ScholarshipPENDING
Monash Achievement ScholarshipOFFERED
Monash Accommodation ScholarshipIN PROGRESS
Monash Art Design and Architecture ScholarshipOFFERED
Monash Art Design and Architecture Equity ScholarshipIN PROGRESS
Monash Asylum Seekers ScholarshipOFFERED
Monash Business School Indigenous ScholarshipIN PROGRESS
Monash Business School Indigenous Study Support ScholarshipPENDING
Monash Business School International China ScholarshipPENDING
Monash Business School International Pathway ScholarshipOFFERED
Monash Business School Scholars ScholarshipOFFERED
Monash College Equity ScholarshipPENDING
Monash College India MBS Undergraduate ScholarshipPENDING
Monash Mentor ScholarshipOFFERED
Monash Dean’s Scholarship OFFERED
Monash Humanitarian ScholarshipOFFERED
Monash Indigenous Pathway ScholarshipPENDING
Monash Indigenous Scholarship for Achievement and EquityIN PROGRESS
Monash Jazz Music ScholarshipOFFERED
Monash Joseph Gioscio Italian GrantPENDING
Monash Jubilee Honours ScholarshipPENDING
Monash Juris Doctor Asylum Seeker ScholarshipPENDING
Monash Juris Doctor Equity ScholarshipPENDING
Monash Juris Doctor Law Dean’s ScholarshipIN PROGRESS
Monash Juris Doctor Merit and Equity ScholarshipPENDING
Monash Juris Doctor Scholarship for Academic ExcellencePENDING
Monash Leaders ScholarshipOFFERED
Monash MNHS Indigenous Accommodation ScholarshipIN PROGRESS
Monash Mornington Peninsula Council GrantPENDING
Monash Queer Leaders ScholarshipPENDING
Monash Resident ScholarshipPENDING
Monash Residential Services Undergraduate Equity ScholarshipPENDING
Monash PSA Insurance Indigenous ScholarshipIN PROGRESS
Monash-Pratt Musician Performance ScholarshipIN PROGRESS
Monash Yoshida GrantPENDING
MRS Accommodation ScholarshipPENDING
MRS Queer Leadership ScholarshipPENDING
MRS Resident Advisor Scholarship OFFERED
MRS Residential Indigenous Leadership Pathway ScholarshipPENDING
Nick Apostolidis Community Leadership ScholarshipPENDING
Pauline Glass Memorial ScholarshipNot Awarded in 2021
Peoplebank Australia ScholarshipOFFERED
Peter Beaumont ScholarshipPENDING
Pharmaceutical Sciences Advanced with Honours ScholarshipPENDING
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Relocation GrantPENDING
Pharmacy International Undergraduate Merit ScholarshipPENDING
Phillips-Gilmore Economics ScholarshipPENDING
Pinnacle Science ScholarshipPENDING
Politics, Philosophy And Economics High Achievers GrantIN PROGRESS
PSA Insurance Medical Science Honours ScholarshipPENDING
Psychology Undergraduate Internship Scholarship OverseasPENDING
Queer Leaders ScholarshipPENDING
Republic Polytechnic Education ScholarshipPENDING
Resources Engineering ScholarshipIN PROGRESS
Ric (Frederic) Bouvier ScholarshipPENDING
Salter Foundation ScholarshipPENDING
Sam & Nina Narodowski Scholarship for Refugee or Migrants IN PROGRESS
Santa Singh and Balwant Kaur ScholarshipPENDING
School of Nursing and Midwifery Honours ScholarshipPENDING
Sonia Narodowski Scholarship For Refugee or Migrant Students IN PROGRESS
Sir John Monash Scholarship for DistinctionOFFERED
Sir John Monash Scholarship for ExcellenceOFFERED
Stan Robson Rural Pharmacy Equity ScholarshipPENDING
STG International Service Group ScholarshipPENDING
Stuart Simson GrantPENDING
Susan Campbell Equity Scholarship (Law)PENDING
Telstra Engineering Leadership ScholarshipPENDING
Tess Hill and Bill Hawtin Jazz Music ScholarshipOFFERED
The Thea Parnamae Rural Pharmacy ScholarshipPENDING
Tim McArdle Memorial GrantPENDING
Transurban Leadership ScholarshipPENDING
Vice-Chancellor’s Concertmaster ScholarshipPENDING
Vice-Chancellor’s Ensemble Leadership ScholarshipPENDING
Victorian Bar Foundation ScholarshipOFFERED
Walter and Eliza Hall Opportunity Trust Disability ScholarshipPENDING
Walter and Eliza Hall Trust Opportunity ScholarshipPENDING
William Cooper Scholarship for Indigenous AustraliansIN PROGRESS
Women in Engineering ScholarshipIN PROGRESS
Women in Information Technology ScholarshipPENDING
Woolmark Company Prato Study ScholarshipNot awarded in 2021