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The Eastern Cape Department of Health’s Madwaleni hospital and its eight feeder clinics are located on the beautiful Wild Coast of the Eastern Cape, South Africa in an area that remains deeply rural.

The hospital was founded by the Dutch Reformed Church in 1960. Later the Department of Health took over the running of the hospital. And in recent years a new casualty and outpatient department (OPD) was built as well as introducing a rehabilitation team.

The hospital has 180 beds in seven wards, an outpatients department and a rehabilitation department. Two wards are for medical and surgical adult patients, two are dedicated for adults with TB with an MDR TB programme.  The rehab department have a ‘low-care’ ward for patients who need regular therapy but are medically stable. There is a paediatric ward and a maternity unit. The busy OPD caters for a huge variety of self-presentations and nurse referrals 24 hours a day. The maternity unit delivers around 1,200 babies per year and there are facilities for Caesarean section 24 hours a day. We also have an x-ray department and basic lab facilities on sight.

Currently Madwaleni Hospital has ten doctors, two clinical associates, two dentists, three physiotherapists, three occupational therapists, a speech and language therapist, two dieticians, a number of radiographers, as well as a vibrant nursing staff.

 Madwaleni Hospital Nursing School Medical Services

The hospital is divided into a casualty / OPD building, which is the starting point for patients seeking medical attention at the hospital. There are several in-patient wards, including a male and female general ward, a paediatric ward, maternity and lastly a TB ward.
We have a small theatre in which we perform mostly caesarean sections and uterine evacuations as well as the occasional amputation. We are able to offer a 24 hour caesarean section service.
There is a small x-ray department, which uses a digital X-ray machine, and we have recently started up an after-hours radiography service allowing for emergency x-rays.
Our small laboratory has equipment to perform basic tests, (FBC, U&E, LFT’s, X-pert MTB Rif) the remainder of which are couriered to a bigger lab in Mthatha. Unfortunately this service is limited to working hours.
In addition to a standard TB ward, we also have a ward dedicated to MDR patients as well as a weekly clinic catering for MDR outpatients.
We have a well-run pharmacy with a team of enthusiastic pharmacy assistants as well as a recently-appointed chief pharmacist.

Clinic outreach
Once a week a team of rehabilitation therapists and a doctor or clinical associate visit two of the seven feeder clinics to Madwaleni Hospital. At the moment they are able to visit each clinic once a month. These visits entail seeing patients booked in advance by the nurses at the clinic, training and/or working through updated protocols with the nurses and sometimes they are even able to do home visits for patients who are not able to get to the clinic.

 Madwaleni Hospital Nursing School Accommodation and Transport

Only Bridging course 1st and 2nd year female student nurses who are accommodated in nurses home
Male bridging course student nurses are staying outside hospital premises.
all Pupil Enrolled nurses (R.2175) and Pupil Nursing Auxillary (R.2176) are staying outside hospital premises.
Nissan Hardbody vehicle transporting Bridging course 1st year students luggage when allocated to the residential clinics for one month each year.

Student Activities

None as yet

Madwaleni Hospital Nursing School Student Support and Medical Services

Student counselling is done to students with social problems and poor academic performances.
Students are also referred to wellness clinic if sick.
Emergency contact numbers

Mr M W Mlahlwa (Sub Campus Head)
Mrs A N Voyi

 Madwaleni Hospital Nursing School Jobs and Careers

After completing the course Study Leavers Bridging course students and accessing second year enrolment as nurse (R.2175) learners go back and report to their institutions
Private learners doing EN & ENA apply for employment themselves when completed the trainingMadwaleni Hospital Nursing School

Madwaleni Hospital Nursing School The Local SRC structure

Local SRC is existing
President:  Student Nurse T Dambile

 Madwaleni Hospital Nursing School Outreach Programmes

Community Based Education (CBE).
HCF conferences