KPMG Flexible Working

KPMG launches flexible working scheme

Professional services firm KPMG has introduced an innovative flexible working scheme, designed to minimise the prospect of large-scale redundancies in the current recession and enable the firm to retain its talented people.

KPMG reports that over 85% of employees and partners across the firm are signed up to the scheme called “Flexible Futures”. “This is a tremendous achievement and reflects the strong culture we have in the firm of working together and leading by example,” the firm said.

So what is “Flexible Futures”?

  • The scheme provides an opportunity for every member of the firm in the UK – partner and employee alike – to volunteer to reduce their working hours on a temporary basis, should this be necessary.
  • This will be either through reducing their working week by one day, or taking between four and 12 weeks off at 30% salary, or both. In both cases full benefits are maintained.
  • It’s a voluntary scheme and no one is obliged to sign-up.

A final word

“We want to give ourselves the flexibility – should we need it in the future – to manage our costs without needing to resort to redundancies. We are proud of our reputation as an employer of choice, and we think this is a further example of our progressive employment policies.”- KPMG.

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