KPIs Example

Examples of Sales KPIs

  1. Number of New Contracts Signed Per Period
  2. Dollar Value for New Contracts Signed Per Period
  3. Number of Engaged Qualified Leads in Sales Funnel
  4. Hours of Resources Spent on Sales Follow Up
  5. Average Time for Conversion
  6. Net Sales – Dollar or Percentage Growth

Examples of Financial KPIs

  1. Growth in Revenue
  2. Net Profit Margin
  3. Gross Profit Margin
  4. Operational Cash Flow
  5. Current Accounts Receivables
  6. Inventory Turnover

Examples of Customer KPIs

  1. Number of Customers Retained
  2. Percentage of Market Share
  3. Net Promotor Score
  4. Average Ticket/Support Resolution Time

Examples of Operational KPIs

  1. Order Fulfillment Time
  2. Time to Market
  3. Employee Satisfaction Rating
  4. Employee Churn Rate

Examples of Marketing KPIs

  1. Monthly Website Traffic
  2. Number of Qualified Leads
  3. Conversion Rate for Call-To-Action Content
  4. Keywords in Top 10 Search Engine Results
  5. Blog Articles Published This Month
  6. E-Books Published This Month