KPIs Construction

Key performance indicators (KPI) – construction

The UK construction key performance indicators (KPIs) are national data sets against which a project or a company can benchmark its performance.

What are the UK construction key performance indicators (KPIs)?

The data is collected each year from national surveys covering the construction industry and its clients.

The KPIs are published by Constructing Excellence on the KPIzone website which is updated each June with data collected from the previous year.

KPIzone provides access on a subscription basis to:

  • KPI graphs covering:
    • economic (eg client satisfaction, predictability, profit)
    • environment (eg energy use, waste)
    • respect for people (eg employee satisfaction, sickness absence)
    • housing (economic)
    • non-housing (economic)
    • infrastructure (economic)
    • M&E contractors (eg client satisfaction, training)
    • construction consultants (eg client satisfaction, training)
    • construction products industry (including customer satisfaction, people and environment issues)
  • many additional and secondary performance indicators
  • Industry progress report showing performance trends over several years
  • case studies

Design Quality Indicator

The first Design Quality Indicator (DQI) was launched on 8 July 2002. The DQI is a method of assessing the quality of buildings and can be used by anybody involved in the production of the built environment. The DQI measures the degree of excellence of a facility in relation to its build quality, functionality and impact. Further information about the DQI can be found at