KAP Industrial Holdings Limited is a diversified industrial group consisting of industrial, chemical and logistics businesses. 


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What we doOur purpose is to establish and grow market-leading
businesses that add value to society.

We achieve this by identifying sectors that have growth opportunities, developing strategies to establish leadership positions in those sectors, selecting leadership teams to implement the strategies, allocating capital to ensure optimal returns, and providing appropriate centralised services. In doing this, we aspire to conduct ourselves according to the following key values:



While our strategic filters provide guidance in investment decision-making, the following growth drivers provide guidance and direction in operational execution:

Market share growth and new markets

We aspire to leverage our investments in people, product, process, technology and innovation to remain globally competitive and thereby grow market share and enter new markets.

Investment in people, product, process and innovation

Our culture and value system emphasises the significant role that our people play in developing and executing the strategy of the company. We believe that our people are a competitive advantage. We therefore aspire to attract and retain the best people in the industry.

We believe that, ultimately, the best product always wins. We therefore relentlessly innovate and invest in our products and services and the development of new products that offer our customers quality, fit-for-purpose solutions.

We also believe that the lowest-cost producer always wins. We are obsessed with being the lowest-cost producer through ongoing investment in processes, technology and innovation to ensure that we retain and extend our competitive advantage.



The following strategic filters are applied in all our investment decisions:

Market-leading brands and products
We aspire to be the leaders in the markets we serve. To achieve this, we establish market-leading brands that are based on innovative products and services that offer our customers value-added solutions. We continuously invest in our brands, products and services to the market in order to differentiate ourselves and thereby create a competitive advantage.

High barriers to entry
We aspire to create barriers to entry in our various businesses through a combination of scale, channels to market, technology, innovation, backward integration, market share and brands, in order to protect revenues and margins over the long term.

Margin growth through value add
In order to maintain and grow margins in a competitive environment, we constantly seek opportunities to differentiate our products and services through innovative value-adding solutions.

Earnings sustainability through diversification
In view of the escalating speed and scale of change, we aspire to maintain a diverse revenue stream from leading businesses that operate in different growth sectors and geographic regions, in order to mitigate risk and provide growth opportunities through economic cycles. Our investment strategy is to select industries that satisfy market requirements for non-discretionary goods and services.

Focused on Africa
We are located in Africa and focused on growth in African markets. Our operations are located in close proximity to the markets we serve in order to provide a competitive advantage against global competitors.