Ikhala tvet college Application form 2022

Ikhala Tvet College Online Application For 2022 – fill online

Step 1.

  • Identify the course you wish to study, career counselling is available.
  • Fill in the application form which is available in all our campuses and the Admin Centre, or you can apply online.

Step 2.

  • Pay a non-refundable application fee of R100 or late application of R200, therefore ensure that you meet the minimum requirements before applying, payment details are on the application form.
  • This doesn’t guarantee your admission.

Step 3.

  • Submit the form in the campus you wish to study with, together with your certified ID copy, latest school results, ID copy of parent/Guardian and proof of payment.
  • If applying online you can submit your documents electronically.

Step 4.

  • Foreign candidates have the responsibility of evaluating their qualifications with SAQA before applying;
  • No foreign students will be accepted if this is not done.

Step 5.

Once your application has been submitted, the college will inform you if you have been admitted and you will be required to write a pace test, thereafter you are expected to attend classes.