How to get a small-scale mining license in Ghana?

To obtain a small-scale mining license in Ghana, you must follow these steps:

Check your eligibility: To be eligible for a small-scale mining license, you must be a Ghanaian citizen or a registered company in Ghana. You must also have the necessary technical expertise and financial resources to carry out mining operations.

Identify the area you want to mine: You can identify potential mining areas by consulting the Minerals Commission’s online cadastre system. This system shows the areas that are available for small-scale mining.

Submit an application: Once you have identified an area you want to mine, you must submit an application to the Minerals Commission. The application form can be downloaded from the Minerals Commission’s website.

Attach supporting documents: Along with your application, you must attach a number of supporting documents, including:

A completed application form

A copy of your company’s certificate of incorporation

A copy of your company’s regulations

A site plan of the area you want to mine

A mining plan

A financial plan

A list of the qualifications and experience of your technical team

Submit your application: Once you have completed your application and attached all of the required supporting documents, you can submit it to the Minerals Commission. You can submit your application online or in person at the Minerals Commission’s office in Accra.

Wait for a decision: The Minerals Commission will review your application and make a decision on whether or not to grant you a license. This process can take several months.

Pay the application fee: If your application is approved, you will be required to pay the application fee. The application fee is based on the size of the area you want to mine.

Receive your license: Once you have paid the application fee, you will be issued a small-scale mining license. The license will expire after five years, but you can apply to renew it.