How to apply for a CorpPass account using a SingPass account

To apply for a CorpPass account using a SingPass account in Singapore, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the CorpPass website: Go to the CorpPass website at and click on the “Register” button.
  2. SingPass login: You will be redirected to the SingPass login page. Log in using your SingPass ID and password.
  3. Verify your identity: Once logged in, you will be prompted to verify your identity. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the verification process.
  4. Fill in the application form: After verifying your identity, you will be directed to the CorpPass application form. Fill in the required information, including your personal details, company information, and contact details.
  5. Agree to the terms and conditions: Read through the terms and conditions carefully and check the box to indicate your agreement.
  6. Submit the application: Review all the information you have provided, and if everything is accurate, click on the “Submit” button to complete the application.
  7. Wait for approval: Your CorpPass application will be processed by the relevant authorities. You will receive an email notification once your account has been approved.
  8. Set up your CorpPass account: Once your CorpPass account is approved, you can set up your CorpPass credentials, such as your username and password. Follow the instructions provided in the email to complete the setup process.
  9. Activate your CorpPass account: After setting up your CorpPass credentials, you will need to activate your account. Follow the instructions provided in the email to activate your CorpPass account.
  10. Access CorpPass e-Services: Once your account is activated, you can log in to the CorpPass portal using your CorpPass credentials. From there, you can access various e-Services provided by the Singapore government.

Remember to keep your CorpPass account credentials secure and avoid sharing them with unauthorized individuals.