How much is the deposit for University of British Columbia?

The deposit for the University of British Columbia in Canada depends on your citizenship status and program.

  • New domestic undergraduate students: $500
  • New international undergraduate students: $1,000
  • New international Vantage One program students: $3,000

The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable, but it will be applied to your first-term tuition fees when you register for courses.

Please note that these amounts are in Canadian dollars.

Here are some of the things that make UBC a special place:

  • Stunning campuses: UBC’s Vancouver campus is located on a beautiful peninsula overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The Kelowna campus is located in the heart of the Okanagan Valley, a region known for its lakes, vineyards, and mountains.
  • World-class faculty: UBC’s faculty are among the best in the world. Many of them are internationally renowned experts in their fields.
  • Cutting-edge research: UBC is a leader in research in a wide range of fields, including climate change, cancer, and artificial intelligence.
  • Vibrant student community: UBC has a diverse and vibrant student community. Students from all over the world come to UBC to study, learn, and grow.
  • Commitment to sustainability: UBC is committed to sustainability. The university has a number of initiatives in place to reduce its environmental impact, such as using renewable energy and green building practices.

UBC is a great choice for students who are looking for a world-class education in a stunning setting. The university offers a wide range of programs, cutting-edge research, and a vibrant student community. If you are interested in studying at one of the best universities in the world, UBC is the place for you.

Here are some of UBC’s most popular programs:

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Bachelor of Education
  • Master of Arts
  • Master of Science
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Doctor of Philosophy

UBC is also home to a number of specialized programs, such as:

  • UBC Sauder School of Business: The Sauder School of Business is one of the leading business schools in Canada. It offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in business, including accounting, finance, marketing, and management.
  • UBC Faculty of Medicine: The UBC Faculty of Medicine is one of the leading medical schools in Canada. It offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in medicine, including dentistry, pharmacy, and nursing.
  • UBC Faculty of Science: The UBC Faculty of Science is one of the leading science faculties in Canada. It offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in science, including biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics.