Scholarship Tips and Tricks

A scholarship is a place to highlight your knowledge. It can only be accomplished with loads of confidence. Scholarship interviews are known for their tough competition; still it is easy to crack them. Preparation and rehearsing for the interview speech will help you in moving towards the target. A little fumbling with your confidence can topple you and your dreams even if you think you are prepared.

The following are frequently asked questions in a scholarship interview. Exercising the following tips will help you exorcise the interview demon.

Remember to knock before you enter. Introduce yourself with a firm handshake.

  • Tell me about yourself : This is a question common to every interview. The interviewer would expect you to introduce yourself by name, family information, school, area of interest and your reason for being here. Be confident in answering this question; interviewers expect a fluent answer.
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses? : Similar to the first one. List out your strengths; be watchful while listing weaknesses. Working too hard can be listed as a weakness.
  • Your inspiration : It is important to have an inspiration in a scholarship interview. Interviewers expect you to be inspired by former presidents, sportspersons or war heroes. This aspect also helps in preparing for the interview speech.
  • Who is your favorite president? Why? : This is a question to test your knowledge about presidents and to verify information based on your inspirations. A free to talk question.
  • Your biggest success : Interviewers get into the actual interview with this question. This is a good time to talk about a school function you led and executed successfully. Showcase any performance that you feel may impress the interviewer. Restrict it to education and leadership related performances only.
  • Do you learn from mistakes? Give an example. : This is actually a tricky question and certainly not a place to display your mistakes. Give an answer similar to the weakness question. Quote a situation where you have proved that you have learnt from the mistake.
  • Your favorite book : If you want to be a leader, you need to have a favorite book. Lots of books are available in stores that contain inspirational values. Select one and read it completely. Explain the gist of the book when asked.
  • You are in a bookshop containing personality development books, investment related ad autobiographies. Pick two. : A tricky question. Pick two books closely related to the major you have applied for in the university.
  • Tell us about your goals : Speak only about goals that are related to your study. To become a doctor and serve the people or to eradicate a particular disease would add shine to your speech.
  • How do you see yourself after 10 years? : Similar goals. You should see yourself in a high position serving people. Receiving an award would be a great achievement.
  • What has made your principal give a reference letter favoring you? : Tell about your qualities and performances that impressed him.
  • Why do you think you are the right candidate to receive scholarship? : Explain your ambitions and goals with faith and confidence.