How do I apply for Eskom electricity?

Apply for an electricity connection or takeover of supply for your home

Eskom is committed to supplying you with electricity in the shortest time possible. Before you begin the application process, please take note of and familiarise yourself with:

  1. important advice and information in regard to your connection;
  2. detail and documentation you need to supply to enable Eskom to speedily process your application; and
  3. the six steps of the connection application process.

Click here to download an application form

How do I register my Eskom meter?

To register a meter, visit an Eskom office with the ID number of the person in whose name the meter is to be registered, the pole number of the pole feeding their home and if possible, the meter number of an immediate neighbour whose meter is registered on the system.

How do I connect electricity to a new house?

Before you move home

  1. Step 1 – notify your current energy supplier. …
  2. Step 2 – take a meter reading on moving day. …
  3. Step 1 – find out which energy company supplies your new home. …
  4. Step 2 – give the existing energy supplier meter readings. …
  5. Step 3 – check you are getting the best deal on your gas and electricity.