How big is the University of Manitoba campus?

The University of Manitoba main campus in Winnipeg, Canada, is 280 hectares (690 acres) in size. This makes it one of the largest university campuses in Canada. The campus is located on a bend of the Red River and is home to over 60 major teaching and research buildings, as well as student residences, recreation facilities, and research agencies.

The campus is also home to a number of green spaces, including parks, gardens, and walking trails. This makes it a pleasant place to spend time, both for students and for the community.

Here is a breakdown of the size of the University of Manitoba campus by land use category:

  • Teaching and research buildings: 16 hectares (40 acres)
  • Student residences: 8 hectares (20 acres)
  • Recreation facilities: 3 hectares (7 acres)
  • Research agencies: 2 hectares (5 acres)
  • Green spaces: 141 hectares (350 acres)

The University of Manitoba is a thriving academic community and its large campus reflects its commitment to providing students with a comprehensive and stimulating learning environment.