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Wherever you go we’ll be there checking your blind spot.

No one else is headed where you’re headed today-on the road or in life. That’s why the GEICO Mobile app is here and ready to help you get where you’re going-wherever that might be. So grab the snacks. We’re always ready to roll.

Digital Insurance ID Cards

The days of rummaging through your wallet or glovebox for an insurance ID card are over. Now you can access everything directly from your mobile device. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Access your ID cards 24/7, online or offline
  • View, email, or print your ID cards from the GEICO Mobile app or
  • Add your ID cards to your Apple Wallet (for Apple users)

Roadside Assistance

No one likes being stranded in the middle of nowhere-or even in the middle of somewhere. GEICO Mobile is the fastest and easiest way to get help when you need it.

  • Tow and emergency roadside help available 24/7 (including holidays)
  • Request help in as little as 2 minutes

Easy Photo Estimate

Did a runaway shopping cart leave a dent in your car? Save some time with the Easy Photo Estimate feature on the GEICO Mobile app. You can:

  • Submit photos of your vehicle’s fender bender
  • Get an estimate of your vehicle damage in about 20 minutes
  • Skip booking an appointment at an auto shop

Apple Business Chat

Have a conversation on Apple’s native Messages app, getting answers to your questions and even chatting with an agent. The best part: You can connect with us directly from here the next time something pops up. Here’s what you can do:

  • Connect with an agent and get answers, just like you do on a phone call
  • Ask about auto policy coverages, billing information, and more

Virtual Assistant

Ever wish you had a person in your pocket that could answer questions about your policy, billing, or more? Us too. So just ask the GEICO Virtual Assistant. Available 24/7, just like GEICO.

Vehicle Care

Does your vehicle have deep dark secrets it’s not telling you? With GEICO Mobile’s Vehicle Care powered by CARFAX® you can shed some light on your cars service history, check for open recalls, create a maintenance schedule, and more.