Eskom Online

This site provides a comprehensive list of services available to registered and unregistered users, frequently asked questions and technical considerations to take into account while accessing the website.

Having access to your electricity account online will enable you to do the following: 



Registration Process as a Customer to ESKOM

Welcome to our online registration page.

Should you wish to become an online customer, and have access to your account details online 24 hours a day, please follow the registration process:

   1)    Have your most recent bill available as you will be asked for certain information for validation purposes.
   2)    Press the “Register” button below. You will be asked to provide certain personal details and account information.
   3)    To ensure that your information is protected against unauthorised registration and access, we will validate the details you provide against our database. In the event of a discrepancy, your registration will not be processed.
   4)    You will be asked to choose a password that will give you access to the secure portion of our website.
   5)    The process should take a few minutes, whereafter you will immediately be able to access your account online.