Info: ESG Fitness

Hi, I am Emma. I help women who feel like giving up to lose weight, build muscle and improve their relationship with food. In this post, I will share with you all that ESG Fitness is about.

ESG Fitness

If you have struggled with weight loss in the past, 

if you feel like you’ve tried every diet and it hasn’t worked,

 if you feel like you have to hugely over restrict to lose weight,

 if you feel miserable on a diet…

I am so glad you are here and I get to show you it doesn’t have to be like that.

You will be so well supported here. We have worked with 1,000’s of women just like you who thought they would never be able to find balance with food. To enjoy themselves while having a body they are proud of.

It can be done and with our support we can help you achieve this too. 

There are two online coaching options:

One to one coaching: 

This is about your coach joining TeamYOU and backing you towards your goals.

Have you ever felt like you need a bit of a push, some direction and a hell of a lot of support? This is what you get from 1-1 coaching. Someone who is as invested in your goals as you are.

Group coaching:

But, this isn’t like your usual group coaching – I have created a hybrid system to make sure you individual goals are supported.. the commit to 6 formula something I am very proud of!

It’s the best of group coaching and 1-1 coaching. On commit to 6 you get a personal coach to make sure your individual needs are met.

Why 1-1 coaching with ESGfitness?

Emma is one of the most well respected & successful online coaches in the fitness industry and has worked with 1000s of clients. Emma’s unique approach and truly client centred service have built her an incredible reputation. If you’re struggling with weight loss you’ve come to the right place.

Emma is a personal trainer, online coach, science geek and the founder of ESG Fitness.

‘I want to show people how to get the most out of the effort they put in, how they can fit diet and exercise into their lives and how even simple changes (the right simple changes) can bring about significant results.

I get to help people look, feel and perform at their best which is a pretty cool job.

Online coaching suits me well as I focus heavily on education & understanding the why behind recommendations .

I find explaining the science behind fat loss and body composition takes the emotion out of least somewhat!

My approach and ethos is based on changing habits and instilling behaviours to create sustainable results.’