Elangeni college Bursaries

The Elangeni TVET College currently offers financial aid/support to students who are financially needy and who show academic potential.

Application forms and information for NSFAS can be obtained from the Elangeni TVET College Financial Aid office.

The application forms must be accompanied by all stated supporting documents, eg, Certified ID copy of student/ applicant, Certified ID copies of both parents if one/both are deceased- certified death certificate, income statement/ payslip of both parents if they are working, if they are not working an affidavit stating they are not working, if they are getting a grant, a proof showing that, if the applicant has brothers and sisters, their certified ID/ birth certificates copies, if they are registered with other tertiary institutions, proof of that is also required. Original documents and copies must be taken to the nearest Police station/ local Post Office for the stamp.

Original documents are not accepted. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure that the application form is fully/ correctly completed.

On submission of the NSFAS application form, the student will receive a receipt, which should be kept as a proof of application, without it, is your word against ours. Please present your slip at all times to the Financial Aid/Bursary Office.

First-Year students will only be given an application form for Financial Assistance upon providing the Financial Aid Office with a letter from the university indicating that the student has been either accepted or provisionally accepted for the 2022 academic year.


A bursary is financial assistance given to a student for further study or training. Bursaries may differ in the amounts of money and duration period. Financial assistance in the given to students selected according to various criteria set by the donors. This could include academic merit or financial need. Some bursaries have conditions attached to them, such as contract bursaries require learners to sign a contract to enter the employ of the donor organization after graduation. The contract is usually on a year-for-year basis. This means that if you were awarded a bursary for three years, you will have to “repay” the organization by working for them for three years after your graduation.

Selection procedures will also include screening the applicant’s suitability as a future employee. In certain cases, a student who does not abide by his/her obligations will be held liable for repayment if he/her fails to complete the course or degree.

You may have to work for the company for as long as you held the bursary

You may have to be active in the community.

A bursary is only made available for successful study.

Prospective students should note that all subjects which have been completed, before or after receipt of a bursary, must be repeated at their own cost.

If a student has not obtained admission to the following academic year, No bursary monies or allowance are payable in respect of that year, and the student is expected to repeat the outstanding academic year at his/her own cost.

If a student has withdrawn from study or ceases to study on his/her own initiative, the student is liable to refund to the company/department all bursary monies paid out directly to him/her or on his/her behalf.

If you do not commence with your studies in the year for which the bursary was awarded to you, the bursary will lapse and you must re-apply for a bursary.

You may not accept more than one bursary.