Dut Moodle

Academic staff development in e-learning is provided for the use of digital technologies to improve the quality of learning. The e-Learning unit supports the university’s aim to embed e-learning as a core teaching and learning practice.  Academic staff development is provided on an on-going basis to promote excellence in learning and teaching.

Important Links

How to access Moodle?

Address: https://tlzprod.dut.ac.za

Click button: “OpenID connect”

Username: 21000000@dut4life.ac.za (example)

Password: Dut981005 (e.g for returning students)

For new students:

Password: $$Dut981005

If you are sharing a computer and cannot sign in because someone else has signed in:

Go to History settings and Clear History.

Remember to clear the browser history all the time.

Download Moodle Mobile App, search for Moodle on PlayStore or iStore.

Once downloaded, on the Site Address, copy and paste the below:


Contact Person


CELT eLearning Receptionist: Mrs Cebokazi Luthuli
Tel: 031 373 6810
Email: cebokazix@dut.ac.za
Campus: M L Sultan