Does Mancosa Offer Teaching?


Teaching is a 18-month programme aimed at developing graduates who wish to become school teachersTeaching choices may be selected from a list of specialisations offered by MANCOSA.

Admission requirements

The minimum entry requirement is the National Senior Certificate or an NQF level 4 National Certificate (Vocational) with endorsement for entry into the study of a Bachelor’s Degree; appropriate subject combinations and levels of competence as determined by the specialisation requirements.

Teachers who are in possession of a recognised Certificate or Diploma in Education or any other relevant fields may also present their qualifications for admission into the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed), with a possibility of a transfer of credits in cognate previous studies.

The MANCOSA RPL policy will be used to determine the level of progression into the B.Ed degree and/or the credit accumulation towards the B.Ed degree.