CSD Registration

CSD registration or better yet the Central Supplier Database is a government’s process of registering people that provide government certain goods and services. The Central Supplier Database (CSD) is what maintains a database of organisations, institutions and individuals who can provide goods and services to government. To register, you need to stick to a two-stage procedure with each stage having a number of steps.

To do business with the government, you must have been registered and entered in the CSD. You should therefore not ignore or downplay the CSD registration process, at least not if you want to be part of service providers that the government relies on. 

Registering for the CSD South Africa

You should note that the CSD serves as the single source of key supplier information for organs of state providing consolidated, accurate, updated, complete and verified supplier information. All prospective businessmen that are interested in pursuing opportunities within the South African government, must register. Fortunately, you can always self-register on the Central Supplier Database as described below. Once you submit your details, they will be assessed for inclusion on the Central Supplier Database. Follow the procedures below to get started on the CSD form:

Stage 1

  1. You must access the CSD site on ww.csd.gov.za
  2. You should register a new CSD account
  3. You will then receive an activation email on which you should click to activate the account.
  4. Log into the CSD
  5. Complete the supplier identification information required.
  6. Complete the industry classification info needed.
  7. Complete the contact information asked
  8. Complete address information requested
  9. Complete the bank information
  10. Complete tax information and details.This will make the end of stage one and usher in stage two of the application process.

Stage 2

  1. Once the tax info is supplied, the next step would be to complete directors and members information, if the company is none CICP.
  2. Supply the associations details if relevant
  3. Complete the commodities information
  4. Maintain users
  5. Complete information on notifications
  6. If there is any relevance to do so, complete accreditation information.
  7. Complete the B-BBBE information
  8. Click submit to proceed
  9. You will get an auto-generated communication when you CSD supplier number and unique reference is sent to you.
  10. The relevant organs of state will verify the CSD supplier information and communicate

Note that the registration process has an additional functionality where you can view supplier overview info and also view reports. This addresses the concern on how to get CSD report whenever you need them. You can always get them on the website you applied in.

Once you have complied with the CSD registration requirements and followed the procedure above, all you need to do is await the response which will come in soon. If you qualify to be added as a service provider, then you will become the newest person to do business with the government.

CSD registration is easy. All you have to do when you desire to work with the government is to ensure that you enter the suppliers list. With info on how to get started, anyone that qualifies has a chance of being a business partner with the South African government.ADVERTISEMENT

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