CFA Meaning – Explained

In this article, we will be looking at CFA Meaning. The Chartered Financial Analyst program is a postgraduate professional certification offered to investment and financial professionals worldwide by the American-based CFA Institute.

CFA is an abbreviation for chartered financial analyst, a professional designation granted by the CFA Institute to candidates who have demonstrated expertise in investment analysis and wealth management.

CFA Definition

When you see CFA in someone’s title, it means they have extensive training in the core skills of investment strategy and high-level money management. Charter holders must demonstrate expertise in financial research, portfolio management, investment consulting, risk analysis, and risk management to earn the title of CFA.

When it comes to careers in credit analysis, corporate accounting, and auditing, or financial planning for high-net-worth individuals earning a CFA is often a requirement. Certification from the CFA Institute is widely regarded as the pinnacle of investment management education.

“A CFA charter holder is someone who has attained one of the highest distinctions in the investment management profession,” says Jeremy Keil, a CFA and financial planner at Keil Financial Partners in New Berlin, Wisc. “They are trained in deep investment analysis, well beyond the knowledge of a typical financial advisor.”

The only downside to hiring a CFA? “They are tough to find,” Keil says. “Most work for institutions managing million-dollar-plus portfolios and don’t work directly with regular financial consumers.”