Capitec credit card application

Credit card Guide – Capitec Bank pdf

How to apply

Visit a Capitec Bank branch with these documents

  • Original identification document (must be 18 years or older). If you are married and your surname is no longer the same as indicated in your identification document, a marriage certificate will be required.
  • Latest salary slip
  • Stamped bank statement showing your latest 3 salary deposits

Tip: To speed up the credit application process, bring along your bank card when you apply for credit at a branch. Capitec uses DebiCheck, which allows you to electronically approve the details of a debit order with your bank before it can be processed to your account. You can use your card and PIN to approve the DebiCheck debit order if your credit application is successful.

Save time and try our online estimate to see what you qualify for before going to a branch.

Rates and fees

  • Initiation fee: R100
  • Monthly fee: R40
  • Interest rate: 7.00% – 17.50% (based on your credit profile)

Download our free Good for Credit booklet. It’s full of handy information about credit. We’ll help you work out how much credit you can afford, what interest, fees and charges you can expect, how to compare and get the best offer, and what to do if you’re struggling with your debt.


The minimum salary requirement for a credit card application is R5 000.

Credit card benefits

  • Access to all your accounts
  • Earn 2.25% per year on a positive balance
  • Up to 55 days interest-free period
  • Personalised credit based on your profile and affordability
  • Credit limit of up to R250 000
  • Pay a personalised interest rate from 7.00% per year
  • Secure online purchases
  • Do cashless payments (zero fees worldwide at Mastercard®
    card machines, online and for telephone and mail orders
  • Scan to pay from our app
  • Tap to pay using your credit card
  • Manage your credit card on our app

Download our full credit flyer here​

Credit insurance

Credit insurance is available if you don’t have your own.

Travel insurance

Free basic travel insurance is a convenient credit card benefit for when you travel abroad.

Use our app to manage your card

  • Update your daily card limits for withdrawals and card purchases
  • Transfer your outstanding balance from the straight to budget payment option
  • View your credit limits and transaction history
  • Create, view and settle your budget balance