Can Study Teaching without Matric at Unisa

Many students worry that if they do not have a matric certificate their further studies, and therefore their careers, are over.  However, there are plenty of qualifications and short courses you can study without matric.

Study Without Matric

Study Without Matric

Did you know that there are many courses that you can study even if you do not have matric?  You can choose between short courses (that are not accredited) and fully accredited qualifications.

Here are two colleges where you can study without Matric:

Never got your Matric?

It is not the end … it is a clean slate. The fact is that just half of the children who start school will ever get to matric. Even if you get to sit in a matric class, your opportunities of getting outstanding results and going to a university are very little.

Numerous South Africans will study from home after they leave school. Once you start in your first full-time career, you will know precisely what you have to understand and precisely what you wish to study, to achieve promotion and a career in your profession.

If you are feeling down about your matric outcomes – get assistance. If you never ever got matric numerous years back, stop feeling embarrassed about it.

The majority of South Africans Do NOT Have a Matric Certificate

There many thousands of working grownups studying from home, studying part-time, and studying with distance learning in South Africa. You can be one of them this year!

However, by the time you are believing and thinking about a job about more studies, it is typically too late to acquire excellent matric outcomes. Many trainees wish to study after matric, however, they don’t have the best subjects to get admission to a college or other educational institution.

Study Without Matric

Study ICB Courses without matric

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) offers a series of programmes. Most of their qualifications can be studied even if you do not have matric.  These programmes take you all the way to diploma level, which is two levels higher than matric.You can read this article to get info on registering with the ICB.

ICB Courses no Longer Available at Unisa

You can study all these courses through accredited distance study institutions, like Bellview Institute of Distance Learning, Skills Academy, or TWP Academy.

List of ICB Courses

Each of the ICB qualifications is made up of levels.  On completion of each level you get a qualification.  This means you can start looking for work with a qualification to your name long before you you complete the full Diploma.  With a degree this is not the case.  With a degree you only get one qualification at the very end of your studies.  For distance learning students a degree takes around 10 years to complete.

ICB Financial Accounting Courses 

  • Foundation level – National Certificate: Bookkeeping (NQF Level 3).
  • Intermediate level – FET Certificate: Bookkeeping (NQF level 4).
  • Upper Intermediate level – National Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting (NQF level 5).
  • Advanced level – National Diploma: Financial Accounting (NQF level 6).

ICB Office Administration Courses

  • Foundation level – Certificate: Office Administration.
  • Intermediate level – Higher Certificate: Office Administration.
  • Advanced level – Diploma: Office Administration.

ICB Public Sector Accounting Courses

  • Foundation level – National Certificate: Public Sector Accounting.
  • Intermediate level – Diploma: Public Sector Accounting.
  • Advanced level – National Diploma: Financial Accounting.

ICB Business Management Courses

  • Foundation level – National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management.
  • Intermediate level – Higher Certificate: Office Administration.
  • Advanced level – National Diploma: Financial Accounting.

ICB Entrepreneurship Courses

  • Foundation level – National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management
  • Intermediate level – Higher Certificate: Office Administration
  • Advanced level – National Diploma: Financial Accounting

Part time studies

Part-time study means that you do not study every day.  Usually it is in evenings and on the weekends.

suggests that you study in the nights after work. And you can also study on Saturdays. You will discover various colleges provide part-time studies.

The classes are scheduled and will help you to protect a disciplined program. Some colleges utilise night school for grownups and day school for matriculants in addition to weekend classes. To find out more, you can read the ICB Part-time Courses article here.

Distance Learning/ Home Study

This alternative is more versatile, particularly if your college gives you lots of specific help.

Home study colleges utilise programs which will work for people who are employed and who can not need time off from work to go to classes.

Is Distance Learning right for me?

Home Study has actually wound up being progressively popular over a previous couple of years, and for lots of people, it is expected to wind up being the preferred option of further education.

There are a few factors that home study is a rewarding choice to advancing your education and improving your abilities:.

You do not go to classes

Home Study indicates that you do not physically go to the institution through which you study. If you live far away from a city, this indicates that you do not require to take a trip to go to classes or search for a place to remain. You have the capability to study from your home without investing loan in taking a trip and lodging.

Assist in the online class and chat groups

Home Study institutions typically have online study groups/classrooms and conversation online forums, where you can communicate with fellow trainees and tutors, go over course products and request help.

They have actually tutors selected to different courses who assist you to better comprehend your course material. Your tutors provide recommendations and use feedback on assignments.

Cost effective – pay month-to-month.

By getting rid of the additional expenses that accompany studying you just have to pay tuition, and the majority of home study colleges have payment options. You have the alternative to pay for your home studies on a regular monthly basis.

Generally, your study products are consisted of in your tuition charges. This suggests you do not require to spend money on buying books.

Study, even with a full-time job

Various home study institutions allow you to study just a couple of topics at a time. This is so that students do not feel overloaded by the work.

Home Study colleges send your course material in batches. That you can complete a module and its assignments before moving on to the next module. This enables you the chance to focus on something at a time – making it easier to absolutely understand your course material and still take part in your other responsibilities.

A lot easier entry requirements.

It is a lot easier to enrol for a home study course. The majority of the courses do not require Matric. The courses vary from business programs, that just require grade 10, to accredited programs that provide entry-level courses that just require grade 10 or 11 such as the ICB Business Management course at TWP Academy.

Can I study at Unisa?

No, you cannot study at Unisa without a matric. You should have the best topics in matric.

With Unisa and all our Universities there depend on ten prospects for each readily available seat. Even if you pass matric with great marks and the ideal subjects, you are still not ensured entry at a university.

Courses you can study without Matric

Skills Academy is one of the part-time colleges that provide courses that do not require Matric. You can select one of the following locations of study:

  • Policing, Investigations and Forensic Studies.
  • Child Day Care Studies.
  • Management Studies.
  • Computer Studies.
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting Studies.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Studies.
  • Beauty Therapy Studies.
  • Project Management Studies.
  • Workplace Administration and Secretarial Studies.
  • Work environment Skills Quick Courses.

Where can I study without matric?

You will find lots of more education and training colleges that utilize courses that do not need you to have a Matric certificate to get entryway to the courses. These colleges have in fact developed courses differing in length from 3-6 months up to as much as 24 months.

At The Learning Group you can study the following courses without Matric:

  • Beauty Therapy
  • Bookkeeping Courses.
  • Interior decoration and Design.
  • Wedding event Planner.

At The Decor School you can study the following courses without Matric:

  • Interior decoration Courses.

At TWP Academy you can study the following courses without Matric:

Get promoted without matric

In the workplace, it is not simply one qualification that identifies your position. Continue striving and studying. The self-starter who works more vigilantly than anyone else is typically the individual with the absolute best chance of a promotion.

If you wish to get a position that needs matric, then initially finish an NQF4 level course. NQF level 4 is the very same scholastic level as matric. With an occupational qualification at NQF level 4, you will be better placed for that promo than the person who did matric! For more information, read on the ICB prospectus page.