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Alabama State University is a public historically black university in Montgomery, Alabama. Founded in 1867, ASU is a member school of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund.

Alabama State University Logo

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Graphic Design Services

The Publications department is here to help you get your message out- whether to the Campus or the community- and to ensure that all publications representing Alabama State University convey a consistent and accurate message in accordance with the University’s established branding guidelines.

We offer a variety of printed publications tailored to fit your specific needs. From a single postcard to entire promotional packages including invitations, programs, signage, social media and website graphics to give your event promotions a branded look.

In order to ensure that all University publications adhere to approved standards of excellence in design and content, all University publications must be submitted to the Publications Department for review of design and editing of content before printing.

The Process
Follow these steps for successful and timely publications:

1 In order for the Publications Department to assist you successfully in the timely production of your publication, it is imperative that we receive your request and content well in advance of the date that you need to have it printed. The following deadlines have been established to ensure that the designer and editors have time to serve you in excellence: Category I: Small Projects (simple invitations, flyers,yard signs, etc.) Allow 2 weeks to edit and design (You will need to consult with your printer and add additional time to accommodate printing- usually 3 days for Duplications). Category II: Larger Projects (brochures, manuals, ads, logos, programs more than 8 pages, etc.) Allow 3-6 weeks for editing and design. The time you need to allow for printing large projects through Duplications will need to be discussed with Gerald Cobb (ext. 4723).

Note: We will do our best to accommodate late requests, but in some cases this may not be possible and you should be prepared to pay for an outside designer.
* Any signage (banners, yard stakes, etc.) must be approved for placement by ???. Please receive approval before submitting a design request. If your event will take place on campus, reserve your location in advance.

2 Complete the online Graphic Design Services Request Form. Attach/include all materials (copy, photos, logo, etc.) Word documents are preferred for submitting copy. Art (pdf or jpg) submitted must be high quality (300 dpi is preferred). Please be sure that you have permission to use any art submitted. Once the form is completed and submitted online, your request will be forwarded to the University graphic designer.

3 Once your publication has been designed and edited, you will receive a proof within the timeframe outlined above. Please have your entire committee (if applicable) review the initial proof very carefully, paying close attention to names, dates, locations, etc.
Note: If a design is submitted that meets marketing and publications standards, then the publication will be approved to print or publish as is, however it must still be submitted according to the 2 week schedule.

4 Submit any corrections, revisions or inquiries via email to You will receive one final corrected version  within 24-48 hours. Additional revisions must be approved by the university editor. Extensive or late revisions will add to production time and may impact your print deadline.

5 Your piece is now ready to print. Arrangements for printing will be your responsibility.
Email the final pdf to for on-campus printing.
Email the final pdf to for electronic distribution to faculty and staff