Acanthus Flower

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Acanthus flowers are famous for their stylized leaves which have been used for millennia in architectural adornments, acanthus plants have a classically beautiful appeal that makes a lovely addition to any home garden. Here we’ll take you through everything you need to know about Acanthus flower meaning and symbolism, their history and origins, and how to grow these exquisite blooms at home.

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The Acanthus Flower – Family, Genus, and Taxonomy

Commonly called bear’s breeches, Acanthus is a genus containing roughly 30 species of herbaceous, perennial, flowering plants. The Acanthus genus belongs to the Acantheae tribe, which belongs to the Acanthoideae sub-family, under the Acanthaceae family.

Acanthus Flower Meaning – The Essentials

Acanthus flowers symbolize immortality, rebirth, and long life. In the Victorian Flower Language, the acanthus symbolized fine art and artifice. Known more for their attractive foliage more so than their blossoms, acanthus leaves also carry symbolic weight. Acanthus leaves are used as decorations on tombstones and in cemeteries to symbolize immortality and enduring life. In Christian traditions, the thorny leaves of some acanthus species are equated with Christ’s crown of thorns and ideas of sin, punishment, and repentance.